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Korach and his friends

One of the first medrashim in Medrash Raba on Parshas Korach states that the nesiim were part of Korach’s cabal against Moshe.  That puts the rebellion in a totally different light. Although the medrash only mentions the nasi from Mateh Reuven by name, Elitzur Ben Shedei’ur, the medrash implies that it was he and his chaveirim, i.e. fellow nessim who were involved.  This would mean that Nachshon ben Aminadav was one of the rebels as well!
The different light is that the rebellion is no longer about the smooth-talking Korach who convinces the masses with his rousing populism.  Sanhedrin leaders, Tribal leaders!  This was big.  Very different from the Asafsuf who started making trouble when the Jews left Har Sinai.
This forces me to reevaluate Korach’s merits.  And reevaluating Korach forces me to reevaluate Moshe.  Because after all, Moshe was right and Korach was wrong.  So if we raise Korach to a higher level, Moshe’s retort has to be comparatively deeper.
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