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HJC Announcements – Chulent Kiddush this week – Parshas Eikev

Good morning everyone,
This week’s schedule follows the announcements.
  • There will be a Chulent Kiddush this Shabbos.
  • Please note that Mincha is getting earlier every week.  Tonight Mincha begins at 7pm! 
  • And During the week Mincha is at 8:20pm.
  • Shacharis Monday to Friday is now at 6:45am.
  • In a few weeks, on Sunday August 19 at 9pm, there will be a gathering at the shul to discuss a proposed Shul Trip to Israel in January.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  You do not need to commit to the trip to attend the meeting.  It will be for informational purposes only.  We need a minimum of ten people for it to be a go.
  • The Shabbos afternoon Navi shiur is wrapping up Sefer Yehoshua and beginning Sefer Shoftim this week.
Have a wonderful Shabbos,
Rabbi Davidovich


Friday evening, August 3        
    Early candle lighting    7:12 PM
    Regular candle lighting    8:24 PM
    Mincha-Kabalas Shabbos    7:00 PM
Saturday, August 4 (Eikev)  
    Parsha class    8:30 AM
    Shacharis    9:00 AM
    Latest Shema    9:58 AM
    Navi class    7:45 PM
    Mincha-Shalosh Seudos-Ma’ariv    8:15 PM
    Shabbos ends    9:30 PM
Sunday, August 5    
    Daf Yomi catch-up    7:15 AM
    Shacharis    8:00 AM
    Daf Yomi    7:35 PM
    Mincha-Ma’ariv    8:20 PM
Monday-Thursday, August 6-9        
    Gemara class    6:15 AM
    Shacharis    6:45 AM
    Daf Yomi    7:35 PM
    Mincha-Ma’ariv    8:20 PM
Friday, August 10       
    Gemara class    6:15 AM
    Shacharis    6:45 AM
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