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I recently mentioned my discomfort at saying the Tefilla for the Medina.  However, I have still been saying it.  People wonder why. 
I continue to reluctantly say it only because my intention in pronouncing the words of the prayer is that the state be blessed by an infusion of Wisdom from On High to its leaders that they abandon the suicidal paths they have taken in the last several years.  Even Rabbi Schur Z”L pronounced the words that ask God to shine His light and wisdom on the Land’s leaders, ministers and advisers.  His change from ‘Medinas Yisrael’ to ‘Eretz Yisrael’ did not change that.  I am in full agreement with Rabbi Schur’s sentiments when he made that change when he witnessed the insanity of the post-Oslo era.  Some great men have opined that the inherent mechanism of the State is corrupt and is undeserving of prayer on its behalf.  I cannot pass judgment like that without some Ruach Hakodesh (Divine Inspiration) of my own.  So in the meantime, I intend for my prayer to be in the vein of a prayer one would recite for a chronically sick and gangrened body that for better and for worse is in control of the Holy Land, no more and no less.
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