Reminder: The Phenomenon of Baalei Teshuva, This Wed. 7:30pm at HJC

In honor of the upcoming Yom Tov of Shavuos,

the time when all Jews accept the Torah anew,

Heights Jewish Center



The Phenomenon of Baalei Teshuva;

Halacha, Challenges and Successes


A three part series offered by 

Rabbi Raphael Davidovich




Wednesday May 18, 7:30PM:  The Baal Teshuva‘s personal growth


Wednesday May 25, 7:30PM:  Baalei Teshuva and their families


Wednesday June 1, 7:40PM:  Kiruv, Baalei Teshuva and their (FFB) Communities




Men and women are invited.


The series is sponsored by

Steve and Beth Baker

in memory of Beth’s mother, Esther bas Yaakov.

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