Hello friends,

I hope you all had a meaningful Chanukah. And I wish you all an easy and meaningful fast this Thursday, Asara B’Teves.

The fact that this fast day takes place just one week or so after Chanukah, during a time of year considered festive by others, makes one think. A few years ago, I addressed the confluence of these days on our calendar in a series of three classes I called "Chanukah – The War you didn’t know" or "Chanuka, Asara B’Teves, and Christianity".

The classes are on the shul’s website and can be accessed here: http://www.hjcs.org/podgen11/?p=archive&cat=all&pgn=3

They can also be accessed individually here:

Class one: http://www.hjcs.org/podgen11/?name=2009-03-26_0712chanuka1.mp3

Class two: http://www.hjcs.org/podgen11/?name=2009-03-26_0712chanuka2.mp3

Class three: http://www.hjcs.org/podgen11/?name=2009-03-26_0712chanuka3.mp3

(Other recordings can be found on the site as well.)

I invite you all to listen.

Stay warm
Rabbi Davidovich

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