Heights Jewish Center Synagogue
14270 Cedar Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44121

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Rabbi Raphael Davidovich


Rabbi & Mrs. Davidovich welcome you to HJCS.

Dear Friends

Baruch HaShem we have good news to share. Your tefillos are working! Rabbi Davidovich moved out of ICU today (May 3)!!  Though he is making tremendous progress Bh, he is still sick and very weak.  So please continue to daven for Raphael Ben Toiba Leah.  Your continued support by emailing us at getwellrabbid@gmail.com is invaluable. Thank you for your love, care, support and chizuk during this difficult time.  May we continue to see a complete refuah shleimah bmhaira bezras Hashem.  We look forward to him being strong enough to see you all soon. 

–Deena Davidovich